Like a stone dropped into a body of water, the impact of our work creates a cascade of  far-reaching and positive effects for our clients.

We are committed to building sustainable organizations and the knowledge, skills, and tools we share ensure our clients continued success long after the consultants have gone!


We are passionate about our clients' work and enthusiastically bring new ideas to advance your mission.

As a small firm, we have the luxury to provide customized services that fit our clients’ unique needs. We work as a thought partner, confidant and, when appropriate, the driving force to ensure our clients reach their goals. 

D.E.K.'s practical and effective advice emerges through a collaborative, iterative process that leverages our clients’ expertise and our thoughtful analysis, planning, and experience. We identify the right combination of innovation and "best practice" to help our clients advance their mission.   


Our profound understanding of the not-for-profit sector is informed by both our professional and personal experiences as volunteers and donors.

 D.E.K. was founded by Danielle Klainberg, a seasoned consultant with nearly 30 years of successful experience in non-profit management, fund development, and philanthropy. Her work with organizations ranges from: small to large and complex non-profits and philanthropies; locally-based to multinational organizations; and entrepreneurial start-ups to well-established institutions. The issue areas we cover include, but are not limited to: education; environment; film and public media; global health; homelessness; human rights; humanitarian relief; peace-building; religion; social justice; and socio-economic development and poverty alleviation.

We take on a variety of projects, however, D.E.K. seeks out opportunities where we know our skills and work style will have the greatest on-going impact and reach. Accordingly, we have increasingly specialized in working with small and mid-sized organizations and smaller development teams in larger organizations. In addition, we work with organizations and funders who find themselves at a critical moment of transition or a key inflection point in their development and growth. 

Our ultimate goal is to ensure that the organizations and agents of change in our communities and around the world are well-positioned to advance their mission and to bring their philanthropic vision to life in the most effective way possible.